What is an Under-mount genset?

An under-mount genset, also known as an underslung genset, is a power unit specifically designed to provide electrical power to refrigerated containers (reefers) during transportation. Unlike clip-on gensets that attach to the front of the reefer container, under-mount gensets are mounted underneath the chassis of the container trailer or chassis.

This genset is strategically positioned beneath the container chassis, utilizing the space efficiently and optimizing the overall trailer design. They are securely mounted, either directly or via a sub-frame, to the underside of the chassis, ensuring stability and proper alignment during transportation.

One of the key advantages of under-mount gensets is their ability to enhance the maneuverability of the container trailer. By placing the genset under the chassis, there is no additional length or obstruction at the front, allowing for better navigation in tight spaces or crowded areas. This feature enables smoother operations and easier maneuvering during container transport.

The integration of under-mount gensets with the container chassis also improves stability during transportation. By optimizing weight distribution, the genset helps maintain a balanced load, enhancing the overall stability and safety of the trailer, especially when carrying heavy or unbalanced containers.

Furthermore, under-mount gensets offer streamlined aesthetics as they remain hidden beneath the chassis. This design element enhances the visual appeal of the container trailer, giving it a cleaner and more professional appearance.

In terms of accessibility, under-mount gensets are easily reachable for maintenance and servicing. They can be conveniently accessed from the sides or rear of the trailer, allowing for efficient inspections, repairs, or refueling operations.

Under-mount gensets play a vital role in the transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo, ensuring the proper temperature control and preservation of perishable goods throughout the supply chain. Their integration with container chassis optimizes space, improves maneuverability, enhances stability, and contributes to a streamlined and professional appearance of the container trailer.

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