What is a Clip on genset?

A clip-on genset, also known as a clip on generator set or reefer generator set, is a portable power unit specifically designed to provide electrical power to refrigerated containers (reefers) during transportation or storage. These gensets are attached or “clipped on” to the front of the reefer container, typically at the corner fittings, and supply the necessary electricity to maintain the required temperature inside the container.

This genset is designed to be easily attached and removed from reefer containers. It features a clip-on mechanism that securely attaches the power pack to the container, ensuring stability and safe transportation. The installation process is straightforward and can be performed by trained personnel without the need for special equipment.

The primary function of the clip-on generator is to provide reliable power to the reefer container refrigeration units. This unit is equipped with a diesel or electric motor to generate the electrical energy required to operate the refrigeration system of the refrigerated container. This ensures that perishable goods such as foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive products remain at the required temperature during transport.

Clip on gensets are designed to be compatible with various sizes of refrigerated containers, including 20 ft, 40 ft, and 45 ft containers. They can accommodate different models and configurations of reefers, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of shipping and storage needs.

These gensets are also engineered with fuel efficiency in mind. They utilize advanced technologies, such as electronic control systems and load management features, to optimize fuel consumption without compromising performance. This helps reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact.

Clip on gensets are crucial in the logistics and shipping industry, ensuring the proper temperature control and preservation of perishable goods during transportation. They offer a reliable power source, easy installation and removal, compatibility with various container sizes, and fuel-efficient operation, making them an essential component for the successful transport and storage of temperature-sensitive cargo.

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